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  The History of Locust Fork

      While traveling south with his troops, General Andrew Jackson camped at the fork of the river in 1813. General Jackson carved his name in a Locust tree naming this area Locust Fork.

      In 1817 the Hanby family came from Virginia and settled in this community on a tract of land near the Polly Martin Ford on the Warrior River. They built a three-story log house used as an inn. Gabriel Hanby died in March 1826 and is buried in the Hudson Cemetery. He is credited with being the first Blount County citizen to represent Blount County in the Alabama State Legislature.

     In the early 1800’s Nick Hudson built a public inn in what is now Locust Fork. He erected barns to shelter the horses and hogs of the Tennessee farmers who drove them to the deeper South for a more profitable market.

    The first church in the community was built by slave labor near Robinette Springs. Tabernacle, a Methodist church, was used for both school and church activities.

     In 1921 a new school building was erected. Another classroom was added the following year and in 1928 two more classrooms were added. In 1937 with WPA assistance, a new high school was constructed. On January 10, 1961, the school burned. A new building is now located on this site.

     Locust Fork was incorporated January 18, 1977. F. M. Wilder was elected the Town’s first mayor. Council members included Hoyt Ingram, Roderick Jett, James Glass, Glenn Osborne and Paul Marsh. The volunteer fire department was organized May 23, 1978. Fire chief was Robert “Rob” Rutherford.

Community Service Project
Welcome Signs
Clean-up and Planting 

Locust Fork Girl Scout Troop 30123

Locust Fork Girl Scout Troop


Sealed bids are now being accepted by the Town of Locust Fork for resurfacing projects:

  1. Center Springs Road 600 x 24’ 1”Binder 185 tons, ½” surface 103 tons

Clip edge to achieve 24’ Roadway, Tie to existing drives, remove loose material to the end of the road, sweep and tack as needed

  1. Pine Ridge Road 850 x 24’ 1” binder 233 tons, ½” surface 129 tons

Clip edge to achieve 24’ Roadway, Some leveling required with ½” max 424,Tie to existing drives, remove loose material to the end of the road, sweep and tack as needed

  1. Azzilee Drive 1160 x 22’ ½” surface 191 tons

Some leveling required, some additional clean up at cul-de-sac to clear valley gutter, sweep and track as needed

  1. Turtle Drive 1125 x 14’ 196  tons

Clip edge to achieve 24’ Roadway, sweep and tack as needed


Successful bidder must include the following with their bid package:

1)       Copy of their general contractor’s license from the State of Alabama

2)       Proof of general and vehicle liability insurance of at least $1,000,000

3)       Workers compensation insurance in the amount as prescribed by law

4)       Bid bond or cashier’s check in an amount equal to five (5) percent of the total bid

After the bid award but prior to beginning work, the bidder must purchase a business license with the Town of Locust Fork for a total cost of $57.50.

Sealed bids must be received by 4:00 pm on July 11th, 2016 via hand delivery at 34 Town Hall Road, AL OR by US mail to Locust Fork Town Hall, PO Box 67, Locust Fork, AL 35097.  Bids will be opened at the council meeting which begins at 6:00 July 12, 2016.  Please write “SEALED PAVING BIDS” on the outside of the envelope.  Successful bidder will be announced at the council meeting which begins at 6:00 on July 26, 2015.


The grass on the edge of pavement to be clipped prior to paving Streets are to be thoroughly swept prior to tack coat being placed.
Tie to existing paved driveways.
Stub out 2 feet for non-paved driveways.
Prices are to be by the ton.  Award will be based on best overall price.
The Town of Locust Fork will be responsible for purchasing asphalt material.

Clipping, sweeping, tack coat, mobilization and traffic control are to be subsidiary obligation of the paving activity.

Town Hall Will Be Closed June 27- June30

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